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Actually Good: College Kid Used His $GME Money To Buy 6 Nintendo Switches And Games For The Minnesota Children's Hospital

Veryaligaming - A college student, now identified as Hunter Khan, from Minnesota, has revealed on Reddit that he sold some of his shares in GameStop this week. Rather than spend it on himself, he bought six Nintendo Switches plus games for Children’s Minnesota Hospital. 

To quote my father, this is 


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That's a great story. This kid clearly was on $GME from the jump. He could have been one of those kids who got in at like, 10 and rode it to 300. Some of those WSB people made millions off the short squeeze. So it's nice to see a few of them gave back because hey, when you are on the right side of a once in a lifetime situation that floods your bank account with game changing money, you have to stay in the good graces of the karma gods. You want them to know if they give to you, you will give back. And this young fella said as much:


“A lot of people are saying that this is somewhat like a transfer of power,” stated Khan, “But if the money is going from here just to the other side, there is no difference, if we just are acting the same way as the people that we’re criticizing. So, I think it’s important that we don’t become men in suits ourselves and use our money for good.”


I wish I was that mature at 20, nevermind at 32. I give to GoFundMe's and I donate to the Barstool Fund but that is some sage wisdom from young Hunter Khan. "There is no difference, if we just are acting the same way as the people that we’re criticizing." That's some smart shit.

Hopefully the WSB/GME movie includes things like this as well. The good that came from it all. 



I think we all definitely learned a lot about Wall Street and the system from the last couple of weeks. And it is a good reminder to keep grinding, keep investing, and keep pushing yourself. And as always a good reminder, absolutely fuck this old bag of bones.