Is This The Best Sideline Interview Ever?

Everyone knows Caleb Pressley is the best Sundae interviewer in the history of interviewing, but did you know he's also 1/2 of the #1 sideline team at Rough N' Rowdy?

Caleb & Rone have created some of the most hilarious, demented, and unexpected moments we've ever seen at RnR. Whether it's covering A+ wardrobe functioning, having 1-0 fighters call out Conor McGregor or Khabib, talking to horses & asses, or whatever the hell this post fight quote was: 

Caleb & Rone ALWAYS deliver. It's just another reason RnR is always must watch stuff. Where else are you gonna find moments like this? 

Our #1 sideline team will be BACK this Friday night for RnR 13 along with Dave Portnoy, Dan Katz, Robbie Fox, and we'll also have Troopz + Frank The Tank in the arena too. Should be a fucking all-time PPV. 

Between Jose Canseco vs Billy Football, a 4'3'' vs 4'5'' title fight, 20 NO HEADGEAR fights, and the ring girl contest… Did I mention the ring girl contest? SEE YA ON FEB 5th!

PS although @kaileighlaine won't be at RnR 13 we do have a stellar lineup of returning favorites + new ring girls… Only way to find out who wins that is watching on Feb 5th at 8 pm. FUCKING DO IT!

(here's some of our 15 ring girls coming on Friday night)