Is Jose Canseco Going To Wear That Weird Elastic Cross Into The Ring On Friday? When Was The Last Time He Took That Off?

Let me make something very clear at the start of this blog: I am NOT shit-talking Jose Canseco on Billy's behalf here. 

I am a fair and unbiased commentator who has no vested interest in Friday night's main event, and although I'll be rooting heavily for Billy Football to win, I really have nothing against Canseco. He may take William Pigskin's head off with one punch after that bell rings and the lights dim and I fully acknowledge that. I truly don't know what's gonna happen!

Every time we post this clip, my asshole puckers up like the first time I was ever put behind the wheel of a car....

I mean - that looks like a hard punch! 

If Billy could withstand it, though, could Canseco's cardio hold up for three full rounds? I don't know. I doubt it, tho.

We just saw Conor McGregor say that one of the biggest factors in his loss to Dustin Poirier this past month was his lack of experience over the past few years - purely his lack of time spent in the cage over the past few years. 

With Billy making his debut against a much more weathered fighter here….

….could that sentiment be a precursor of what's to come here?! You'll have to tune into the PPV to find out!

You know what else you're gonna have to tune into the PPV to find out?!

Whether Jose wears that weird elastic cross necklace from the 1990's into the ring or not. I mean, what is the deal with that thing? I hope it's not something sentimental to him or anything and I'm over here shitting on it, but it's pretty bizarre, is it not? Doesn't look great! 

I would love to know the last time he got that up and over his head, however. Is that even possible? Would it rip his ears right off his head if he tried? 

I just hope that in the event of Canseco beats Billy, things don't get out of hand and turn into another Khabib/Conor brawl situation….

Imagine Jose goin after The Tank tho? Or Stockton's own "Pitch Diaz", Dallas Braden?

I would LOOOOOVE to see Troopz' reaction to that….