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Pedro's Hall Of Fame Induction Is A Reminder That Pedro Is The Greatest Human Who Has Ever Lived

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His Dominican suit was on absolute fire (sorry Colin Cowherd)…


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As was his introduction dance….







As were his lovely words to Boston


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As were his absolutely mind boggling numbers…


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There’s not much else to say, Pedro is the best person who’s ever inhabited planet earth. He really is. He’s hands down the greatest pitcher and he’s hands down the greatest person, and it’s not particularly close. He turned Fenway into a holiday every single time he pitched, you HAD to be at Fenway if Pedro was on the mound. He dominated baseball in the “era of high octane offense” (MLB’s words, not mine. Pretty fancy way to say “everyone he was throwing a baseball towards was a fucking science experiment” though). He was entertaining, excellent, and an absolute can’t miss. Everything about Pedro Martinez was captivating and every time I see him I cry a little bit that he’s not on the Sox anymore, as he’d be the Ace right now, even at his age, and there’s not doubt about it. But a big congrats to Pedro, I honestly love you so much it’s maybe a little gay. Just wish they actually put him on his own plaque instead of whoever this guy is…




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