If We Don't Get Baylor/Gonzaga In The Final Four, This Entire Season Has Been A Waste Of Time

This is nothing against Michigan, Illinois, Nova, Drake, Loyola, etc. This is strictly giving the world what we need. We need Baylor/Gonzaga in the Final Four for the National Title. I say it all the time but that's the beauty and horrendous thing with the NCAA Tournament. You get wild upsets, you get Cinderella runs and rarely do we get the best team winning this thing let alone the two best teams in the title game. It's not even close, Gonzaga and Baylor are the clear top-2 teams in the country. The only argument is what team do you like more. 

Here's a snip of their resumes so far: 

This just makes the fact their game back in December got canceled. That was the game of the year. We RARELY get to ever see No. 1 vs No. 2 in college basketball. Even more rare is when the poll correctly has the top-2 teams there. All the blue bloods suck this year. The Tournament is wide open after these two teams. That's why we need Baylor/Gonzaga in the title game. I don't give a shit who else gets to the Final Four. Just give us this. We deserve it as college basketball fans. We suffered not having an NCAA Tournament last year. We've suffered for shit games. We need this. 

We know all about Gonzaga's offense. That's been talked about all year and rightfully so. But watching Baylor against Texas last night and we really gotta start talking about their offense more. 

It doesn't matter, Baylor can beat you any way offensively. Want to slow it down? Fine, they run great halfcourt sets. Want to speed it up? We've seen them destroy teams that way too. They currently are the best 3pt shooting team in the country. They shoot 44% as a team from three. That's such an absurd number. They have 4 guys averaging double-digits and that doesn't count Matthew Mayer, who is a guy that's wired to score and Mark Vital, who might be their most important player. 

I don't care at this point. Give us Baylor/Gonzaga. This season with all the weirdness and all the craziness would be a complete and utter waste of all our times. They are both +315 right now to win the entire thing. The next closest team is Nova at +700. It's officially Baylor and Gonzaga vs the field.