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Matt James Reveals BFF Tyler Cameron Falls for Someone on This Season of The Bachelor

Big news!!!! Matt James is on this episode of Chicks in the Office. He is fantastic. He laughs at all our jokes and we receive MANY compliments. Matt shared with us how he felt when Victoria was sent home, what went down with Sarah and who is the best kisser in the house! From the preview we know that Tyler Cameron, Matt’s BFF, is making an appearance on next week’s episode. We asked for a hint at what goes down and Matt said, “he falls for someone on the show.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!! Could it be one of Matt’s contestants?? We see Heather for the first time next week…is it Heather?! We’ll just have to wait and see. The best tease we’ve ever gotten. Matt James is the real deal.

To Listen to our FULL interview with Matt James AND the complete episode recap listen here: