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Team Billy, Team Jose, or Both? Former MLB Player/Manager Ozzie Guillen Gives Advice to Friday's Competitor

On today's Pardon My Take, the countdown to Rough n Rowdy continues. We are just two days away from the bell rings between Billy Football and Jose Canseco, so Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter brought on someone who knows the ins and outs of the former Major Leaguer. That would be Ozzie Guillen, who is a two-time World Series Champion. Guillen was willing to come on PMT to discuss any topics or questions Billy had for him, so Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter tried to iron things out: who is Ozzie pulling for on Friday night?

Mr. Cat: Our intern, Billy Football, who is sitting in the middle of us right now, is fighting Jose Canseco on Friday Night. You tweeted at us multiple times saying, if Billy wants to beat Jose, we better have you on so that you can help us. So is this real help? Are you Team Jose or your team Billy?

Ozzie Guillen: Well, either way, you know, I'm good friends with Jose. First of all, I was teasing around, but I know how you can beat him. You have to move around, you cannot fight with him toe to toe, because you might get killed. But you move around, you're going to have a better chance. And obviously, when you see Jose in person, he will intimidate you. He's the type of guy who will intimidate you. But I see Jose on YouTube and a couple other videos fighting overseas, and all that stuff. He's just a haymaker, he knows how to fight, but he doesn't know how to survive.

Mr. Commenter: Oh, I like that. He's a fighter, not a boxer. Well, Billy's in really good shape right now. 

Ozzie Guillen: He better be, he better be in good shape because you know me, not because what you post on Instagram or whatever is trying to intimidate you, or whatever, but I think mentally, you have to be prepared to know exactly what he wants to do. Jose is just going for one thing, and I'm not just saying that. He says that, "I'm going to knock him down, and the next round is going to be Alex Rodriguez." That means, he's going for the big one, the big punch. I think you move around, you know what to do. Just make him run around you, because he won't try to hit the target. But then you can come up with a lot of success. 

Well, it's not a direct answer, but it was nice of Ozzie to give some friendly advice to our friend Billy. He will be watching, thousands around the world will be watching, and you can join the party, too.

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