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This Guy is a Dead Ringer For Miley Cyrus

Doppelganger alert.  I had to watch this 3 times before I realized it wasn’t actually Miley in the video.  This is by far better than any video featuring that no ass having skank.  When he pulls out his own wrecking ball, I pretty much lost it.  I’m just glad to know that Chat Roulette is still a thing. Nothing like scrolling through a thousand live cams of guys jacking off to get to one of these hidden gems.  I’m pretty sure the inventor of Chat Roulette either loves seeing dicks, or had zero concept of what actually goes on on the internet.  If you give people live cam capabilities, over 72% of males will pull their dicks out. I made that statistic up, but it might actually be a conservative estimate.  Anyway, this guy is hilarious.