'The Dozen: Trivia Tournament' Returns Tonight - No. 7 Misfits vs. No. 10 NightmareWatch 7PM ET

"You’re gonna get HURT. This is not a game, this is not a joke, this is serious business.” -Jose Canseco

#PrayForJose uhhh PRAY FOR MR. FOOTBALL? I'm not sure about Billy's state of mind right now but Jose has been scarily impressive in his teasers released this week. I've seen the finished video of his interview with Caleb (coming out on Thursday) and to be quite honest with you, I was stunned by it. There may be more to this roided out scumbag than meets the eye?

Jose was calm, composed, confident, with a level of cockiness that left me wondering... Is Billy gonna be OK on Friday night? Is there gonna be simply too much power in that 270 lb fist from Jose? Will Big Cat & PFT have to peel him off the mat on Feb 5th? Is it possible we'll all be shocked with a result we never wanted or saw coming? 

I truly don't know. I've been involved with every PPV since RnR 1 and never seen a matchup this tough to predict. Does youthful energy beat down powerful wisdom, will that bum knee on Jose hold up for 3 rounds, where will Frank take Josie for raw dogging, do horses have horse socks? It's all on the table this Friday night. 

Too many questions to ponder but only 3 days left till we get the answers. Hand up I'll always root for Barstool Sports victories but just to be safe here... #PRAYFORBILLYFOOTBALL

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