Chamath Palihapitiya Says That There Are 150 People Who Rule The World And That Big Tech Will Be Steamrolled In 5-10 Years

There goes that man again(back in November 2020)! Chamath Palihapitiya has become more famous in the last two weeks as he has been the outsider's insider with allegiance to all of the reddit/Portnoy vs the Ken Griffins and Robinhood Vlads. I didn't know what he was all about, but I have loved basically everything I have heard Chamath say and YouTube rewarded my searches for his interviews with the perfect clip of him speaking to something near and dear to my heart...a conspiracy where a small group of people run the world. 

When a guy with as much power and influence says that anyone who goes into politics is a fucking puppet, well sir, you have my interest and possibly my vote if it ever comes to that. 

It's also crazy that Chamath says that people who we deem as some of the most powerful in the 21st century are powerless against the "real" powerful 150. Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg, etc...those people are pigeons apparently and then there's another group just bullying them and telling them how to behave. Think about that for a second. There's a group of people who see those two guys specifically and scoff at them. There's a group that tells Jack Dorsey to go home and get his shine box and then the NY Post can't tweet their own stories. That is incredible. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for those conversations and more than that I'd love to just talk to Chamath off the record. If this is the stuff he says on the record with a camera in his face imagine the types of shit he would tell you in private. Or maybe he is just a Portnoy. A guy who tells the truth and doesn't give a fuck if the cameras are rolling or not. Need guys like that in the world. 

Now I need to know who are in that 150. NEED. Apparently Zuckerberg and Dorsey aren't even invited. It feels like Elon Musk is on the outside of that circle too. If those guys are out then who is in? British Royal Family? Rothschilds? Rockefellers? Saudi Royal Family? Other people who are so smart and so powerful that we don't even know their names? Is this what the Bohemian Grove is about. This tiny little clip has my brain running on a hamster wheel inside of a rabbit hole. If there are names that I don't know(I listed my suspects above and that is the extent of it) then who are they. Leave them in the comments and send me down reddit rabbit holes on these guys.