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The Way This Girl Writes Letters Will Unlock a Rage You've Never Felt Before

So there I was, just minding my own business and watching TikTok in bed. And then this video pops up. It currently has 2 million views, so obviously something about the way this girl writes letters has people fired up.

So I watch and things definitely start out odd. She starts out with M and N and it's certainly unconventional, but nothing Earth-shattering. But then we get to W, which made me feel some type of way, despite the fact that I should have known that was coming, because it's just an upside-down M.

The B and R are where things really started to take a turn. This girl is writing letters from right to left, entirely antithetical to how we're taught to write things. She's objectively wrong. But then we get to the X.

I'll give it to this girl, she really knows how to put on a show because she sure saved the best for last. When X popped up on the screen, I literally thought to myself, "How many ways could there possibly be to write an X? It's two straight lines. Is she going to go from bottom to top? I guess that would be weird."

And then she started writing and I had to fight the urge to fling my phone across my apartment. I don't know if writing an X like that is expressly illegal or if the Founding Fathers just figured nobody would ever do that and they didn't need to include it in the Constitution, but apparently we gave the American public far too much credit.

I am imploring those in power at the federal level to make it a felony to write letters like this. This can't be allowed to continue.