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Reader Email


My wife of 12 years and I finally took our baby on her first flight….we had been married for 10 years and didn’t think we could have kids….

Anyhow, as older parents we understand the issues….so I made 80 goodie bags(40 for the flight there and back, including the flight crews—3 attendants and 2 pilots)…

Anyhow, thought y’all would enjoy this….and yea, I made every single one of these



You know what.  As a person without a kid I appreciate the hell out of this.   It always boggles my mind how parents don’t realize their kids are assholes.  That your kids are ruining my flight, my dinner, my day. I don’t understand how parents can bring their dickhead children to adult places before they can act like civilized humans.

So I respect the hell out of this move.  If Charlotte starting crying and screaming I’d give her a full 30 second count before I gave her and you the dirtiest looks of all time and started sighing super loudly and tweeting bad things about her.  For 30 seconds I’d appreciate the gesture and take some solace in the fact that you are also mortified by what an asshole your daughter is.

PS – KFC is going to be the exact opposite.  He’ll probably by separate seats so he and his wife can sit in the front and just drop the baby in the back and let the peasants worry about her insubordinate ass.