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Bachelor Sweetheart & Good Guy Ben Higgins Had An Addiction To Painkillers

“It’s not a beautiful season of life,” the 31-year-old reality TV personality exclusively told Us Weekly, noting it’s “hard,” “weird” and “still tough” for him to know the details of his past will now be public knowledge. “Not a lot of people know it in my own life, like, a lot of people don’t know that side [of me]. Because it’s not something you go around and parade around when you’re in it. It’s not something you talk about often, but [it’s] healing in a lot of ways to write it and to know what’s out there.”

Higgins continued: “Also, I hope that somebody out there can read it and go, ‘Hey, I’m in it too. And there’s a way out, but also while I’m still in it, like, I don’t have to be ashamed.’”

Boy oh boy. Ben Higgins reveals in his new book that he struggled with an addiction to painkillers in high school, starting after a football injury. I'll say this - I'm not one to joke about addiction. I'll joke about other extremely serious things in an insensitive way, but addiction of any kind, I take off my "fuck around" hat. SO many people struggle with addiction, and a lot of them don't get the help they need before it's too late. Ben Higgins is a huge staple in the Bachelor Universe, and an all around "Good" guy. The most we could ever hate him for, was being honest and admitting he was in "love with two women at the same time" during his season back in 2017. He's a hardworking, godly man now and he wants to open up to "help others feel less ashamed" and to let them know that "there's a way out."

I love Ben. I love him for being so honest about this. BEN HIGGINS! You would literally never expect it. There has been a lot of honesty coming out of the Bachelor Franchise lately, struggles with addiction, eating disorders, mental disorders - real life shit. I think for those of us who have watched any Bachelor show over the past 15+ years, it's always been clear that the contestants/stars had to have this "good" image. Drunk people were shamed and hated, not celebrated and laughed at like they would on The Real World, or any kind of MTV/VH1 dating show. "The Bachelor" is more straight edge. I think it's put a lot of pressure on the people who have been a part of the franchise to be perfect - and it seems like Ben fit right into that category. I don't think Ben ever masqueraded as someone who was perfect, but we all assumed it. He became Good Guy Ben in two seconds. Seeing a revelation like this is definitely shocking, but I hope it softens the minds of those who are super judgmental about people who have struggled with addiction. 

I have to clown him for the book cover though. The popped collar? The blue steel? LMFAO. Middle-America housewives are going to eat this UP. Good for Ben. Make that money boy!!!