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So What Do You Do When A Huge Shipment Of Zdeno Chara's Twigs Get Delivered To Your Doorstep?

Picture this: You have a crazy busy day at work. The boss man is on your ass all day, nothing seems to be going your way, you accidentally left your wallet at home and you didn't notice until you were in line to buy lunch, and the only thing getting you through the day is knowing that when you get home there will a Kevin "The Best One" Hayes tshirt waiting for you on your doorstep.

You ordered the shirt immediately after Kevin Hayes put the Islanders away in overtime. It's an awesome shirt for an even better player. And you've been tracking the package all day. You saw it went out for delivery at 4:38am this morning and should be delivered by 8pm that night. You can get through the rest of this hellish day knowing you have the greatest shirt of all time to look forward to when you get home. 

And as you pull into your driveway, you notice a package by the door. The only thing is that this package is like 10 feet long. Welker couldn't have possibly packaged a shirt in a box that disproportionate in size, could he? One would certainly hope not. 

So you bust open the package and lo-and-behold, it's a shipment filled with Zdeno Chara's custom True Project X Grip sticks. 

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

I didn't even realize Chara made the jump from Warrior over to True, but there it is. Chara's using a new twig this season and an entire shipment just ended up at your door. So what are you doing with them?

Are you trying to send them back to their rightful owner in hopes that maybe the Caps will hook you up with some gear for being a good samaritan? Seems like the noble thing to do, but it's not like you can get hooked up with tickets this season considering the whole global pandemic thing going on. 

Are you going to keep them and use them yourself? Highly doubtful considering 1) you'd have to be a lefty and 2) that 155 flex would be like playing the game with a brick to us mere mortals. Hell, I bet most folks out there can't even cut down one of Chara's stick to size with how heavy that flex is. For comparison, Johnny Gaudreau uses a 55 flex. Both are extreme ends of the spectrum, but yeah you're not using a Chara stick. 

Are you going to try to quickly turn them around for a pretty penny on Sideline Swap? You'd have to move them pretty quick before someone on the Caps equipment team figures it out. Then you've got yourself in the middle of a Catch Me If You Can situation. 

Personally I think a combination of the 3 would do the trick. Let Big Z know you have his sticks, see if you can keep a couple for your own collection, break one out during a beer league game as a "joke", sell the others online. I don't know. I'm just really bored with the snow right now so I needed to go through a whole bunch of hypothetical situations in my head to pass the time. But that's my final answer.