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There's Nothing More Holy Than These Monks Who Got Busted For Running A High-Low Dice Gambling Ring Inside Their Temple

NAKHON SAWAN: A 53-year-old monk and three laymen were caught and charged with gambling and drinking, as other punters fled, when police entered a temple pavilion on Monday night.

Police said at least 10 people were found playing high-low dice in the kitchen in the temple pavilion at Wat Sai Tai in Muang district around 8pm.

Listen, I've always said that you can cage a wolf, but you can't keep it from howling at the moon. And that's what we've got here, because this gambling trend is an absolute wagon that cannot be stopped. I mean, this monk and his buddies swore to a life on the straight and narrow. No booze, no gambling, no women. And all they were doing was playing some high-low dice, pounding bottles of liquor, and doing some drugs inside the temple. 

Police seized dicing equipment, 60 baht cash, three opened bottles of lao khao liquor and some abandoned drug paraphernalia.

Boys will be boys. That's the way I see this one. But I will admit it's funny to see that the police seized not only the drugs, cash, and liquor, but also the "dicing equipment". Uhh, aren't we just talking about two dice? Could've taken it right out of the Sunday school nursery room with the board games. You may call it game pieces for Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, but that there is called "dicing equipment". Take it away!

The arrested monk was identified only as Phra Mao, 53, who admitted to gambling and drinking alcohol with others. He said it was small stakes gambling, only 5-10 baht a game, Pol Col Sutthinan said.

Phra Mao said he did not know who left behind the drugs gear.

5-10 baht a game? Folks that translates to 33 cents. This monk may be dancing with the devil, but he's still got a little church boy in him. A goody two shoes. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose. And remember, 10% goes in the offering plate on Sundays.

And yeaahhhh right, Monk Mao. "Oh those drugs? Not mine. I'm a monk". Okay, Monk Mao. I was born on a day but it wasn't yesterday. So you were illegally drinking and gambling, but you DIDN'T partake in the drugs that were being done inside your own temple? That's where you cross the line. Gotcha. I believe you. Besides, monks can't lie!

Media reported there were other monks also playing dice, but they were among those who got away.

LOVE this. The police said the investigation will continue. We've got ourselves an old-fashioned gambling ring going on here. The bad boys club.