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Bob Barker Was Absolutely Beside Himself When An Undeserving Contestant Was Trying To Win...... A NEW CAR!

If you’re like me, the best part of staying home from school was getting to watch the Price is Right. I’d sit there and ruminate on how I’d dominate those games. The putting game would be easy. The yodel mountain dude would be a breeze, and I’d have a plan ready to kick Plinko’s dick in. 

In all my years of watching, I never saw Bob as pissed as he was in that clip. Bob is sitting there with his outrageously small microphone and getting fed up. He clearly wanted to say, “LISTEN YOU DUMB BITCH! YOU ALREADY USED THE FUCKING ONE! YOU CAN ONLY USE THE ONE ONCE! STOP WRITING 19310! IT CANT BE THAT!”

She finally gets to the last number, nails it, wins, and Bob thought about ending it right then in there. Is this entire existence worth it if he has to give cars away to people like this? She’s too dumb to drive. Would Bob be responsible if she caused a terrible accident? Look, I’m not saying it but other people are. Is that fair? That’s not for me to decide but I think it’s fair and to suggest otherwise I’d foolish.

I also liked staying home because the Young and The Restless intro was sexy. There was one part in the opener where you could see a full breast. Not like nipple or anything but full-out top titty which was dope.