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The Fact People Are Debating Whether Duke Belongs In The NCAA Tournament Shows How Much That Rat Coach K Brainwashed The World

That's a real thing that happened although it's not shocking. Duke never should be a double-digit favorite, even against a horrendous Miami team. They stink. But the bigger story for me is the fact during the game, right after the game on national TV and on Twitter I saw people actually debating whether or not Duke is a NCAA Tournament team. Bilas and McDonough who I love were talking about it during the game. LaPhonso Ellis and Seth Greenberg spent pretty much the entire postgame talking about it. Just do a Twitter search of Duke and NCAA Tournament and you'll see the debates posted from all walks of accounts. 

In what world is this team close to the NCAA Tournament? It just shows how much that rat fuck Coach K brainwashed the world. Take the name Duke away here and nobody is even coming close to talking about this team on the bubble. They are 7-6 without a quad 1 win. Hell, they are 2-2 in quad 3 games. They are 66th in the NET. This team doesn't deserve to be talked about but it's my duty to protect the integrity of the NCAA Tournament against people actually debating whether or not they deserve to be in. 

Here's the other thing. The ACC isn't good this year. It's not like Duke can rack up all these great wins and trick people. They currently have 4 top-50 NET games left. Two are against UNC and UNC is ranked 48, one is Louisville at 42 then Virginia. If you prefer KenPom, they have just 5 top-50 games left. The same as the NET just add in No. 47 Syracuse. My point is they really only have one chance at a signature win and that's against Virginia. They should be talked about the same as Kentucky and Michigan State. They have to win their conference tournament in order to make the NCAA Tournament. Plain and simple. 

At some point people will realize what I've been screaming about all year. This team has no identity. They have to run different lineups because they don't mesh well enough on both sides of the ball. They can't figure out who they want to be. Do they want to run zone? Do they want to play man? Do they want to play through Jalen Johnson or Matthew Hurt? Do they let the guards try to attack? It's a mess. That's how you lose to a team with just 7 players like Miami had last night. 

Instead of debating about Duke in the NCAA Tournament, we should be debating how many MWC teams can get in. Can they realistically get Boise, San Diego State, Colorado State and Utah State in the Tournament?  Let's talk about how Drake and Loyola both deserve to make it from the MVC. Let's talk about if Toledo can actually make it as an at-large. They are currently 54th in the NET and are 3-3 in Quad 1/2 games. What about the A-10? Can Richmond figure shit out and make a run for an at-large? Those are all teams we should be talking about besides debating Duke. 

PS: At least when Kentucky loses at the buzzer it's because of a missed shot. These dummies couldn't even get a shot off. That's a bad team.