Tyreek Hill Is Trying To Save This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show By Challenging Scotty Miller To A Race Right Then And There

We know this year's Super Bowl is weird. From the fact the Bucs are playing at home to the lack of fans to everything else involved. Shit, even seeing Tom Brady and Gronk representing the NFC is wild. So why not mix it up for the halftime show? Every year it's the same. Some sort of musical act that pisses off at least 25% of people watching no matter the genre or the artist. Give us two wide receivers that are playing in the game, running a race. I don't care, I love watching sprints. There's a reason the 100m at the Olympics are always must watch. 

This all started because Scotty Miller dared to say he was faster than Tyreek Hill: 

Nothing gets me going like a good race. It's the most basic form of entertainment going back to the Recess yard. Feel like that was a way to solve problems. You either shoot the ball to determine the outcome of a fight or you run a race. You couldn't be the slow kid. You'd pull out all the stops like Seinfeld. 

This year's Super Bowl halftime show is The Weeknd. Fine, it's whatever. The best thing about it was Clem calling his shot and nailing it right in the nick of time 

But that's not here nor there. Why? Because how do you top last year's Super Bowl halftime show? You simply can't. It doesn't matter if it's Tupac proving he's alive and popping up out of nowhere to open the show with Ambitionz az a Ridah. You can't stop this. 

So fuck it, give me Tyreek vs Scotty. That would make for some amazing prop bets. That would be exactly what I want to watch right before they get ready for the second half. Let's mix it up here.