A Lot Had To Happen For The Timberwolves To Backdoor The Cavs Tonight In A Disgusting Way

Last week, I wrote a blog on the disgusting decision by Giannis to dunk a ball he didn't need to dunk. I was on Raptors +7 and the bet was all but won before the man sprinted down the court and dunked it with 0.4 seconds left in a 5-point game. Surely this wasn't going to be the last bad beat I was going to be involved in during the NBA season.

I have a theory that almost every bettor has been on the right and wrong side of a bad beat the same amount of times. Sure there may be some variance where you are on a bad run of bad beats, but after a large sample size all that stuff evens out. For me? It evened out tonight as I was on the Timberwolves +3.5:

If that play isn't bad enough, take a look at how in control of the game the Cavs were for almost all 48 minutes:

A decent amount had to occur for the Timberwolves to cover. It was 97-91 when Taurean Prince was fouled with 19.7 seconds left. After a D'Angelo Russell 3, Darius Garland turnover, and a ridiculously lucky offensive rebound by the T-Wolves, it was suddenly 98-96. That all happened before Taurean Prince made it 100-96. A truly bad beat.

If you were on the Cavs tonight, I'm sorry. That sucks. Just know, your luck will turn around. I'm sure of it.