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Can You Guess Every Face Tattoo On This Ring Girl? (HINT: 1 Of Them Is Charles Manson!)

Let's quickly address the most disturbing thing seen in this video, so we can apologize and move on to the rest of this blog okay?

FUCK headgear. I cannot stress that enough. I'm sorry you had to see it. Clearly has no place in this world and especially at Rough N' Rowdy, so be assured there is NO HEADGEAR at RnR 13. Only pain, punishment, and a plethora of KOs coming over 20 matchups this Friday night.

The ring girls will be ready too and although this HALL OF FAMER @xoxsjs above won't be in attendance, there's still some returning favorites and 1st timers everyone can get behind. But SALUTE to an all-time legend of the ring girl/Charles Manson/John Wayne Gacy/Frankenstein/Freddy Kruger/Kramer combo game…

PS: on Friday we got a ring girl dancing AND fighting in the same night so it's already gonna be history GUARANTEED. Step on up and get in the PPV line… Should be a hell of a fucking night folks! Watch on starting at 8 pm (48 hour replay)