Well It's Friday, Let's Check How Many NFL Players Got Suspended Today...

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WOW! Who would’ve guessed it? A bunch of guys got suspended from the NFL today! Can you believe it? So lucky for them to keep having all these players break the rules right around 3 o’clock on a Friday. Couldn’t go better for them if they planned it or something. It’s like every guy in the NFL eats his lunch at the end of the week then decides to do a bunch of steroids or drive drunk. Lucky, lucky for the NFL that they do all this stuff at a time right when everyone is getting ready to head to the beach for the weekend and forget about it all by Monday.



Honestly if ESPN was smart they’d start having programming on Friday afternoons for NFL suspensions. Kind of like a Bracketology special. A panel of experts predicting who will get suspended and for what every Friday. I’d watch. But, unfortunately, Roger wouldn’t like that so ESPN would quickly apologize, cancel the show then quickly suck his dick.



No Brady news.