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The Redskins Lost Because They Are Awful And Terrible And A Joke


Game on the line, whatcha gonna do Kirk? Whatcha gonna do? Oh, throw the worst pass in NFL history. Got it. Well done.

This team is awful. Dan Snyder is awful. Gruden stinks. Jim Haslett is the worst D-Cord in the NFL. Brian Orakpo gets paid 11 million dollars to do literally nothing. And by literally nothing I mean literally nothing. The only bright spots are Andre Roberts and DeSean Jackson. But if tradition holds up, DeSean is just about done trying this season or will start some sort of shit in the media. It all starts at the top. Snyder has ruined this team. It’s a mockery of an organization. Meanwhile the Cowboys just beat the Seahawks. Another day in the life. And the thing is, it’s just funny at this point. I’m well, well, well aware how much of a joke this franchise is. Could not be more aware. Kirk fucking sucks. RG3 is better. Alfred Morris doesn’t get the carries he needs. Our kicker is the only kick in the league that doesn’t kick touchbacks regularly.The Oline is soft. The Dline doesn’t exist. And the secondary, holy shit. The secondary. They simply don’t cover. Which is an important thing to do because their jobs are to cover the other teams WRs. Doesn’t stop Ryan Clark from chirping after every play, even though he gets burned. All in all, fuck this team.