My Official Contribution To Barstool Outdoors: Presenting 'Paraguay's Sexiest Angler'

Every week now it seems to be Barstool Outdoors this and Barstool Outdoors that. It's what's hot in the streets. Well, I figure why not make a contribution to one of our entities. That's what we do here. Help each other, the team, the team, the team. Now I'm not an outdoors guy. Fishing and hunting? Absolutely not. The most I want to do outside is golf, sit in a stadium for a game or a patio for some beers. I'm very much an indoors person when I can't golf. Anyways, trying to grow Barstool Outdoors, I think I found the perfect blog for it. A little something called the sexiest angler out there. Not my words: 

MOVE over Ernest Hemingway - as this stunning model is bidding for the top spot after being dubbed Paraguay's sexiest angler.

Beautiful Belen Lizama, 21, has earned the title after continuing her childhood passion - and making it chic.

Argentinian newspaper Crónica detailed her modelling career and passion for fishing in an article titled, "She is the Sexiest Angler in Paraguay" published on January 29.

"It's one of my favourite sports that de-stresses me the most and I recommend it to girls because there are almost no girls who do," she told Crónica.

Now to be fair, I don't know how many people can challenge her for the sexiest angler spot, whether it's Paraguay or the world. I assume most anglers look like a mix of Carl and Chaps. Speaking of them, check out their show on Twitch where they just shoot the shit while playing a fishing video game. Anywho, here's your Barstool Outdoors blog of the day. Congrats to the sexiest angler in Paraguay.