Oh You Hate To See It - For The First Time In 60 Years Duke/UNC Will Play With Both Teams Not Ranked

Fuck it, if Kentucky is going to suck this year we're bringing down all the classic programs. Kansas stinks, Michigan State might be the worst of the bunch, Duke isn't back and UNC is just kinda there. It's actually hilarious that UNC has won 6-of-7, they are 11-5 and not even in the top-30 in KenPom. They also are receiving less votes than Toledo, Belmont and St. Bonaventure among others in the most recent top-25 poll. Shit, they received just three votes. Imagine that, a UNC team that's 11-5 getting 3 votes in the top-25. That's how shitty the ACC is this year. 

It's honestly weird not seeing this game plastered everywhere getting ready for Saturday. ESPN has done their lame preview for it but it's nowhere near previous years where you couldn't have your TV on without seeing a commercial hyping this game up. And spare me the Duke is back nonsense. They have 1 top-50 win this year and it was No. 50 Georgia Tech. Clemson stinks. Hell, just take a look at what anonymous coaches are saying about them (h/t The Athletic)

“They’re not as big and physical as they used to be. Jeremy Roach and D.J. Steward are good guards, but they’re not what you think of when you think about Duke. Matthew Hurt is a good player, but how tough is he? Can he guard at the other end? Jalen Johnson can be really good, but is he playing for the team, or is he playing for himself? He’s not a big-time shooter. Wendell Moore is really good with the ball, but it’s a hard game when you can’t shoot. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got to the tournament. Coach K obviously does a great job. The young guards can get sped up and turn the ball over. Mark Williams is big, but he’s hardly ever in there. ”

Now on the flip side, seeing some of these mid-majors or programs that typically aren't great taking over is awesome. That's why I'm starting a campaign right now that we get Loyola vs Drake on national TV in a couple weeks when they play their double-header. Those are two top-25 teams. They are the reason why the MVC could be a multi-bid league. We need it to happen. I don't care that Drake just had its undefeated ATS record snapped. They are still undefeated and now ranked 25th. Loyola has only lost to Wisconsin. Give me that highlighted instead of Michigan State vs Wisconsin. 

Just hate to see these other blue bloods suck right now.