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17 Year Old Jasson Dominguez Who's Compared To Bo Jackson, Mantle, And Trout is Now The 32nd Ranked Prospect In Baseball Without Playing a Single Minor League Game

Remember this guy? Jasson Dominguez, nicknamed "The Martian," who has been heralded as basically God? Well a year has gone by and the hype has only gone up. Look how outrageous this graphic is above!

I wrote about him a year and a half ago when the Yankees unloaded a record amount of international signing bonus money to reel him in. Cashman did practically anything and everything he could to get this kid. Here are some quick quotes from that blog


One general manger who has seen him said, “he’s like [Mike] Trout. And Trout wasn’t close to this good when he was 16.”

More athletic than an LSU cornerback

Dominguez has distinguished himself on raw numbers. He regularly reaches upward of 110 mph exit velocities swinging from both sides of the plate. Only 28 major leaguers have hit a ball 110 mph at least 10 times this season. Dominguez, two scouts said, has clocked around 6.3 seconds in the 60-yard dash. That’s faster than Mo Hampton, arguably the best athlete in the MLB draft class of 2019 who decided instead to play cornerback at LSU this year.


“But,” an international scouting director who tried and failed to sign Dominguez said, “it’s like Mickey Mantle. He’s not 6-foot. He’s a switch-hitter. He’s got crazy power. He’s fast as s—. He loves playing.”

But that was back in the summer of 2019. So what's happened since? Well thanks to the virus, there was no minor league last year and thus no Jasson Dominguez games. Instead he stayed down in the DR and worked non-stop. There were stories that he just sleeps at the facility waiting for his trainers to show up and get back to work. All he cares about his baseball and it's scary. 

I mean look at this fucking guy. 17 years old looking like this with comps to BO JACKSON, MICKEY MANTLE, AND MIKE TROUT. Are you kidding me? What the hell were you doing at 17 years old? I was a summer camp counselor during my senior year of high school hitting nukes in tennis baseball against my campers with a metal bat out of a field that was designed for 12 year olds. No aspirations for anything. Tried cross fit once and nearly ended up in the hospital because of dehydration. On the other side of that coin there's Jasson Dominguez who looks like he ate the Hulk in his spare time. We should be using this guy's DNA and blood to clone the next generation of super soldiers. 

Motherfucker hasn't played a single minor league game and is the 32nd ranked prospect in all of baseball. Introduces every baseball he comes in contact with to outer space and violence. 

When do we see him in the Bronx? If I ran the team he'd be the Opening Day starting centerfielder in 2021. My guess would be 2023, but who the hell knows if he just rips through the minors maybe 2022? I'm hoping he gets to the states this year and is put on the Yanks brand new High A affiliate the Hudson Valley Renegades. Only about a two hour drive from the city? You best believe I'm making that trip to see this monster in person at some point. If allowed, those games should be treated like LeBron James high school games where they're packed to the brim and news teams are all over the place. The Martian is that big of a deal and I cannot wait til he's ready for the bigs.