Leonard Fournette Didn't Know Who Mitch Trubisky Was Before Meeting Him at the 2017 NFL Draft

Welcome to Super Fight Week! Over the next seven days, Billy Football will fight Jose Canseco and either the Chiefs or Bucs will hoist the Lombardi Trophy. With the big game just six days away, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on Tampa Bay running back Leonard Fournette onto the show. "Playoff Lenny" has had an incredible run in the postseason so far, and the LSU product talked to the guys on today's Pardon My Take about that, Tom Brady, Blake Bortles, and more. 

Fournette was also a part of the 2017 NFL Draft Class, which led to Mr. Cat having to own up to one of his takes from a few weeks ago:

Mr. Cat: I did try to get something going about two months ago, I'm a Bears fan, where I wanted people to start talking about Leonard Fournette as the biggest bust from that draft, not Mitch Trubisky. But, but, I wasn't talking about Playoff Lenny. That's a different guy. Playoff Lenny's the steal of that draft.

Leonard Fournette: Yeah, yeah.

Mr. Cat: OK, that's all you got. Alright, yeah. That's fair, that's totally fair. 

Leonard Fournette: So, I could tell you about that draft, it was crazy. I didn't know who Trubisky was. I'm like, "He skipped all of us." I'm looking at my agent...

Mr. Cat: Fuck.

Leonard Fournette: I'm like, damn. They said he played one year. He played one year? I guess he's just nice. You know what I mean, so, he's a great guy [audio cut out a little bit]. I got to meet Mitch at the draft, he's a great guy, he's smart. And I mean, I hope I ain't the bust of the class, please. 

Mr. Commenter: No, Playoff Lenny proved that wrong.

Mr. Cat: Shit, I walked into that. Solomon Thomas! Solomon Thomas is the bust of that draft. 

Mr. Commenter: There's no such thing as Playoff Mitch, that doesn't exist. 

Mr. Cat: Well, he's been there twice.

You've got to appreciate the honesty from Playoff Lenny here. Unfortunately for Mr. Cat, this interview was another reminder on what could have been when it comes to the 2017 Bears draft. But hey, Mitch will ALWAYS have that first ever NVP Award, and nobody can take that away from him.