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I'm Doing A Live AMA On Surviving Barstool EP1 On The Barstool Hooliganz Stream RIGHT NOW #JUSTICE4COWBOY


Yesterday everyone so the birth of the phenomenon that is "The Cowboy". We also saw the death of the very same phenomenon in one fell swoop. But in the first 24 hours of recording the show - which was obviously chopped down to a 30 minute episode - a LOT was left on the cutting room floor. 

So we're doing an AMA on the episode. I'll answer anything and everything you guys would like on EP1 (and EP1 only, spoilers are a HUGE no no for this). What got left out? Did Trysta and I bang? Did Nick and Tommy bang? What is this "Camp Dick" setup that a few of us referenced yesterday that didn't make the cut in the episode? Was I blacked out drunk or do I have an actual sleep walking problem?

Tune into the Hooliganz stream at 11/12est to find out. I'll be as open a book as possible on the stream while also carrying that good for nothing blockhead Smitty to victory in Verdansk. Again.