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What Can Go Wrong: BC Only Has Four Scholarship Players Available, So They Have To Use Random Scout Team Players Against FSU Tomorrow

What the hell? How does this even happen? Call me crazy but if you can't field a starting five of scholarship players, the game shouldn't happen. Most of the leagues across the country have a minimum of 6 scholarship players available or the game gets canceled. Apparently not the ACC (unless it's Duke or UNC. You know there's no chance in hell this game happens if Duke is rolling out 4 guys). It's insane to think that BC is going to HAVE to start a walk-on or someone from the scout team. 

Personally, I want BC to go full fuck you here. Don't even bring the four scholarship players. If this is what the ACC wants, grab players from the intramural championship team and have them go against a top-15 team in FSU. Imagine the athletics chair from FIJI trying to guard Scottie Barnes. I'd actually be tuned in to the game if they went that way. It's clear BC wants Jim Christan to look bad and/or fire him, so play into it. You're Boston College, you haven't been relevant since Jared Dudley and Tyrese Rice were running around Chestnut Hill. This would be a game you'd get eyeballs on you. 

I don't think this line can be set high enough. FSU may win this game by 40. They are coming off a loss, need a win and you're playing against scout team and walk-on guys. I'm honestly shocked BC has enough scout team guys to fill out the roster here. They have walk ons, so I assume they don't have that many scout team guys. I would not be surprised if this game gets canceled though. Just feels like the ACC/BC will step in with everyone losing their mind on Twitter about it.

PS: What the hell is it with BC and being known for weird shit? You had the whole point shaving/Henry Hill thing in the 70s. You have this and then you had the guy talking about Chipotle: