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Plane Flies Over Robinhood's HQ With A Banner That Says, "SUCK MY NUTS ROBINHOOD"


Some small investors who have been blocked from making money on the Robinhood platform apparently still have enough money to hire a pilot to send a message — “Suck My Nuts Robinhood.”

The banner flew in the skies above San Francisco … where the Robinhood headquarters are located.

The message, which is dripping in anger, is an above-earth response to the company’s decision to restrict the trading of 50 stocks, including GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry.

There is nothing more empowering telling someone to "suck my nuts". If you're ever beefing with someone, no pun intended to a popular term in the city of Chicago, you can end the beef victoriously at any time with the phrase or any iteration of it - "suck my cock", "suck my balls" and "blow me" are other common variations that work just as well. It's the end all be all of exerting dominance on an opponent in any given situation. The moment that Vlad dude or w/e his name is saw that banner over his office he knew he was straight up FUCKED. Shout out to @kasparcms - he spoke for the entire world when he pulled this move.

It's exactly how Eric Cartman always dominates his arguments in South Park. 

Let me give a few more examples on how telling someone to "suck my nuts" can defeat them even when they think they have the upper hand on you:

Kelly Keegan - suck my nuts, you treasonous bitch
Tommy Smokes - suck my nuts, but not literally you little twink
Brianna Chickenfry - suck my nuts, you sorostitute
Nick Turani - suck my nuts, you inbred perverted freak
Donnie Does - suck my nuts, you degenerate
Zah - suck my nuts, you short bastard. Wouldn't even have to get on your knees
Trysta Crick - suck my n.... never mind we won't go there

Boom. You all just felt the wrath of cowboy Dave. I hope your happy for yourselves voting me off in EP1 when the whole world was enthralled by the Cowboy. That said, the Cowboy will have his vengeance in this life or the next. Perhaps even tonight in episode 2 of "Surviving Barstool"

Check out EP1 if you haven't already - everyone who was a part of the show was in complete agreement it's the most impressively shot piece of content we've ever put out. Might not be "old barstool" but it's still fucking hilarious and an easy way to kill off 30 mins for the next week or so. Until then....