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Overtime Is Giving A Giant Fuck You To The NCAA By Launching A New Basketball League Where Top Prospects Will Get Paid At Least $100k

[Source] - Overtime, a multimedia sports company, is planning to launch a semi-professional basketball league that will provide compensation for high school basketball prospects, multiple sources tell 247Sports. The expectation is that Overtime will announce the league this month with the goal to begin competition September of 2021, sources told 247Sports.

The aim of the league is to field up to eight teams of the top high school basketball prospects in the country with the vision of providing a new preps-to-pro alternative — with salaries expected to be well within the six-figure range, per sources. Upon graduating, the next step for these prospects would likely be for the G League or other overseas opportunities.

It is currently unclear as to how this will impact college eligibility but the prevalence of club basketball teams competing during the high school basketball season due to COVID-19 restrictions has created an interest in this type of environment.

The prospects competing in this league are expected to no longer attend their local high schools or participate in scholastic events but to compete on the Overtime Select league while receiving coaching and training from former NBA athletes, coaches and trainers and academically receiving non-traditional education.

Well, then, here we go again. Obviously we had the JBA launched by LaVar Ball, but this one is a bit more intriguing. First off, you have a massive company in Overtime launching this. If you're a basketball fan and on Twitter, you know who Overtime is. They are going with a massive fuck you not only to the NCAA but to traditional high school basketball. Read the plan again, they are expected to no longer attend local high school. That's where this is going to be wild. Obviously this means they are going to target people who are one-and-dones in college. Guys who plan on being in the NBA ASAP, they even mention trying to target Mikey Williams. 

We still don't know what's going to happen with the NBA getting rid of the rule that you have to be removed from high school for a year. But if they get rid of that, this league actually has a chance to make a ton of sense. They are getting 'non-traditional' education which means they should in theory have a degree. They also are getting coached by people who were in the NBA. Remember, this is their job. To go a little bit like Cardale Jones, why not go to school for basketball? That's what your career is going to be, it makes sense to start learning about the training, the financials, building a brand, etc. 

I know it says 'it's unclear how this will impact college eligibility.' Uhh, unclear? They won't be able to play in the NCAA the way the rules are currently written. Enes Kanter wasn't allowed to play college basketball because he received $33,000 in 'excessive benefits' from the team he played on in Turkey. Why the hell would the NCAA let any of these guys play assuming they don't change the rules on amateurism. 

This is going to be a quick turnaround too if they plan on starting September 2021. Whatever, let's get weird. Whatever it takes to change the NCAA's rules on amateurism. That's really all I want. 

UPDATED: I wanted to blast this blog out again because it's in the news, again. This time we have some new information in terms of what payment is going to look like and all that shit: 

[Source] - Along with full health care benefits, OTE will offer up to $100,000 for players to use toward college tuition in the event a player doesn't go on to play in the NBA or other professional leagues. Each OTE player will earn at least $100,000 guaranteed for the season. The league also plans to compensate players through bonuses, equity in Overtime, and revenues from a player's name, image and likeness, the latter an NCAA issue that is currently being discussed in Congress.

OTE will operate out of one city (which will be announced at a later date) and will consist of up to 30 total players from across the world. The teams will play not only against each other, but against competition from American prep schools and other countries. The total number of teams that will make up the league and how rosters will be constructed was not disclosed.

Well this is a lot more intriguing. Listen, we've seen shit like this pop up and fail. The difference is we have a huge company with Overtime having backing and funding from NBA players and has become the biggest high school basketball company on YouTube. There is a following. People know Overitme. The key here is getting not just $100k, but equity, health benefits and money towards college tuition. I also like how they'll play prep schools and not just each other. That's good competition for 16-18 year olds. That's key. 

I hope this works. Why? It's another option and more importantly we just need NIL to come true in college sports. It's overdue. I don't just fucking understand how these kids can't get money for their own name, image and likeness. If this pushes that to happen faster, good.