What Was The Moment You Got The Sunday Scaries And Realized The Weekend Was Over As A Kid?

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Happy Monday morning everyone! Hopefully you guys are all snug as a bug indoors if you are getting mollywhopped with snow today or happily warm if you are smart enough to live somewhere that isn't cold for almost half of the goddamn calendar year.

Anyway, this question popped into my head last night after I had told my kids they had a snow day on Monday, which was about as good a feeling as a kid can have.

The complete polar opposite of that feeling was the minute you realized not only was the weekend almost over and the school week was about to begin, which happened for me once The Simpsons ended and that lady in a movie theater shushed our weekends to sleep. I actually feel bad for the people at Gracie Films because that song is a lowkey jam or bop or whatever the kids say these days that oddly pairs perfectly with the horns of 20th Century Fox. But the fact that 10 seconds of hell meant not only was a classic episode of The Simpsons over but the school week was about to begin after you sat through that weird Weekend Limbo before going to bed and getting back to pencils, back to books, back to teachers' dirty looks 

Other acceptable moments:

The Married With Children credits became the new Gracie Films song once you either got old enough to watch the show or your parents didn't know you watched it, which would've corrupted your mind if you understood the jokes.

For the younger crowd, John Williams' orchestra playing during some point of Sunday Night Football, which added another level to the scaries if you or your fantasy football opponent had a player in the game that could swing the matchup.

This lowkey terrifying message seemingly voiced by Lucifer himself that still gives me goosebumps til this day.

For the kids that hit puberty right around the time Howard Stern and Wild On were shows on E, this may have been the last thing they saw before the back of their eyelids.

And of course the one that has existed since my old ass was a kid and still the right answer during football season is the 60 Minutes clock ticking during the 4 PM games. The fact you can hear your weekend literally tick away before leaving you in Weekend Limbo for HOURS makes it extra fucked up.

I don't even know if kids these days even have these moments anymore since they can watch roughly 9 zillion different things on the internet instead of relying on whatever a handful of channels are playing at any given moment. Maybe one day years from now, KFC signing off Surviving Barstool will be that moment.