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Marshawn Lynch Was So Pumped To Pick Off Snoop Dogg That He Broke His Chair Celebrating

It was supposed to be Pro Bowl weekend in the NFL, but obviously due to circumstances the game was cancelled. Instead we got a virtual Pro Bowl with some of the best stars in the game today, Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Jamal Adams, and Derrick Henry. We also got some celeb sightings from Snoop Dogg, and the always great Marshawn Lynch showed up too. 

NFC was in control late in the 4th when Snoop dropped back to pass and fired one over the middle. Marshawn Lynch read it like a book and was able to get a pick off of a deflection, basically ending the game. We all know Lynch is known for his celebrations on the field, whether it's grabbing his dick jumping into the end zone, eating an entire bag of skittles, or whipping a golf cart around the field. After getting the pick Lynch got so hyped that he ended up snapping the leg off the chair he was sitting in. My man celebrated that virtual pick like it was the beastquake all over again. I love how animated he is, he legit seems like he enjoys every second of his life more than the last. 

You see people in the league who aren't that excited about real interceptions, Marshawn literally broke his furniture because of a pick. God bless Marshawn Lynch. It's been said before but I need more Marshawn. I don't know if it's possible, but I need more Lynch in my life. Why cant we have him in the MNF booth? Why can't he be on the sidelines with a mic? He's the most entertaining man in sports, he's just electric.