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The Barstool Fund - Nick's Bar & Grille (Thanks To Penn National Gaming)

Thank you to Penn National Gaming for their donation to help cover our next business.. Nick's Bar and Grille (Philadelphia, PA).

Nick’s Bar & Grille is the laid back place that welcomes you no matter who you are. It sounds cliché, but their place is "the neighborhood corner bar.” Nick’s boasts more meetings, friendships, engagements and marriages than any other spot in Old City.



Reader Email

El Presidente and neighbor! 

We need your help! Nick’s Bar and Grille at 16 S. 2nd street, right around the corner from your abode, will not survive this latest shut down and we’d LOVE to be included in your small business relief program! My name is Joe, aka Joe-Dog, and I am proudly born and raised in Philly. My stunning wife Nicole, who is from the Lehigh Valley, has been in the hospitality industry almost since she took her first steps. We invested every penny we had into our version of the American Dream on May 24th, 2012 when we purchased Nick’s, which has been an old city institution since the 1970’s and has been my lifeline since 1994. We are in danger of that dream being lost forever. 

Let me paint you a picture of what it’s like at Nick’s. If you want to feel at home, you just need to walk through the door. You are be immediately greeted by our loyal regulars which a warm, “Go Birds!” and a jukebox that only plays the good tunes. Once you have a drink in hand, you’re faced with the difficult decision of picking from the menu.  Will it be famous roast beef or pork sandwich? An award-winning ground bacon burger? A basket smoked wings with a dry rub that makes your buds sing? Or one of our chef’s mouth-watering weekly specials? We undeniably have THE BEST bar food in Old City, maybe even Philly and we’d LOVE to have a one-bite rating of one of our cheesesteaks if you’re up for it. The TV’s are showing whatever sports show or sporting event you need to satisfy your soul or betting needs! We’ll even put on a Boston team if you come to visit us! Saturday nights? Forget about it! Nick’s is rocking and rolling with karaoke and camaraderie that can only come from people who know how to have fun! 

But Nick’s is more than cocktails, food and sports. We give as much as we can at all times to the Philly community! Nicole and I have donated and served dinner every year at both Thanksgiving and Christmas to local veterans as well as an end of the year Summer BBQ through our local VMC. One of our favorite events is a bike race that goes from Philly to AC that benefits the children of fallen police officers, for which we are proud sponsors. We sponsor several local softball teams including one in the LGBTQ Brotherly Love League and our doors are always open for fundraisers of all kinds for any person or organization who needs us. Sadly, many of these endeavors had to be cut and this breaks our hearts more than you could imagine. 

Our employees are our family and we work side by side with them behind the bar and in the kitchen even during non-COVID times. We’ve been able to keep many of them on payroll but that’s not going to be possible if we don’t get some help! 

We love this city and we love our bar. Every cent we have is literally invested into Nick’s because it is our passion to serve amazing food & drinks and most importantly, make people feel like they have a place where they can go and never feel alone. This neighborhood needs us and we need it! You’re a part of Philly now and as long as we’re open, you will always have a seat at our bar, but we need your help. 


Joe and Nicole Shultice