Empty NHL Arenas Are Giving Us Some Quality Live F-Bombs

One of the benefits of watching NHL games in empty buildings is that the on-ice mics are picking up way more real talk from players and refs. Especially when a player is directly below one of the mics like David Krejci was Saturday night in D.C. and he objected to a hooking call. NESN viewers were treated to three F-bombs in just a few seconds and gave us glimpse into the game we don't always get: the profane talkback that refs don't take personal and just let roll off their backs. 

What I like is that Brick and Jack didn't clutch their pearls and start apologizing. I mean, the word "fuck" and all its variations is as much a part of hockey as a puck and stick. Also, it's the NEW ENGLAND Sports Network so 75% of viewers probably learned how to say "fuck" by age six thanks to growing up around so many happy people. 

This has happened in other cities this season and I'm sure we'll get plenty more of it. We've said for years on Chiclets that we'd pay extra for full game audio even if we know deep down it will never happen. So when we get stuff like this on the house, it's a treat. Only thing better is two guys going at each other and going deep with the personal chirps.

This one wasn't on the ice during a game but it's still worthy of recognition. It wasn't even a malicious version of "fuck" but rather a joyous one. 

Long live "fuck" and its many iterations. 

(Fuck you, NESN ticker. No way were you making it in this video.)