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It Would Appear That Patrick Reed’s Burner Account Has Entered The Chat

Well lookie here! The Reed family has been known to (allegedly) toy with the ol burner account in their day and it would seem that after Patrick’s dicey (at best) skirting of the rules that they have been caught extremely red handed here.

I’m not here to say Patrick Reed is guilty of egregious offenses today. I think the “ball don’t lie” nature of his back nine 39 might do that for me better but officially I’m not at all saying he’s guilty. But I will say that those who are not guilty might just let a sleeping dog lay and not go the burner account route to try to fight in defense. And it would verrrrry much seem that the Patrick Reed team is guilty of that.

This is not new as it relates to Reed. There’s all kinds of seedy behavior that goes on between Reed’s behavior and his wife Justine’s defense of said behavior and on and on and on it seems to go. 

Reputations typically are built for a reason. The Reeds don’t seem to be doing much to dispel the reputation that precedes them.

For my money I’m all for it. Golf needs its villains. I’m not sure there’s a better villain going  than Patrick Reed. Maybe pair him with Bryson Dechambeau on a Ryder Cup team and let the sparks fly. Could be electric. All I know is Patrick Reed is a lightning bolt for controversy and with him tied for the lead going into the final round I think we are in for a treat on Sunday.