The Ending of This Video is the Biggest Twist in Cinematic History

There is nothing inherently unique or blogworthy about DJ Khaled hyping up his son. Or himself. Or anything. Adorable? No doubt. But not blogworthy. What makes this video worthy of both my time and yours is the fact that no one on planet Earth saw this ending coming. Nobody. 

DJ Khaled hyping up his son, his custom Jordans and custom Jordan sweatsuit in an inconspicuous location. The location never even crossed your train of thought. Surely they're out on the veranda or pool deck or his own personal play house in the backyard. It was irrelevant until it suddenly became the most relevant bit of information. I nearly shit myself when he said goodbye to the classroom full of kids and an extremely over it teacher. Suddenly this isn't DJ Khaled hyping up his son for a cute internet video. This is an every day occurrence that takes place when he drops his kid off at kindergarten. Every day he's hyping up his seed in front of an ajar door, holding up the learning process while these other kids just have to sit there and realize their parents really don't fuck with them like that. I'm sure little Timmy and Janice have great parents that say they love them, but they know deep in their hearts they don't get the kind of love Khaled has for Asahd.