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The Barstool Fund - Backyard Players & Friends

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Backyard Players & Friends is an inclusive, arts-based community program, open to the public for participants age 14 and older. They work to give every person a space so that together we can share ideas and experience openness, joy and creativity. 



Reader Email

Hi Barstool

The Backyard Players & Friends is an art based community program for teens & young adults with developmental disabilities. We are a nonprofit that is holding on through this pandemic because we have to. The population we serve can live very isolated lives, this pandemic has pushed them further into isolation & loneliness. 

Our organization holds fun & interactive classes, Art, Yoga, Hip Hop, Movie Bites, Shakespeare, Creative Writing, Zumba, etc.

BYP was everywhere! We had wonderful partnerships with the local College, Gym, Library, Church, Recreation center, Knights of Columbus Hall. We were out and about, having fun & being a part of the Community. You couldn’t miss us. 

But when the pandemic hit our greatest asset became our biggest problem.

All of the wonderful local places that supported us and gave us space to run our classes had to now worry about their own survival. As an outside group the BackYard Players was suddenly out.

Our work is essential to the community we serve. We are hoping for some help so we can continue to provide these important services.

Thank you