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Dustin Poirier's Wife Thanking Conor McGregor For His $500,000 Donation To The Good Fight Foundation After UFC 257 Is One Hell Of A Moment

Talk about powerful stuff right there - what a moment! 

McGregor/Poirier II was all about respect and growth in the build-up, and this clip shows that it didn't stop when the business was settled in the octagon. I love it. 

Sure, I loved the shit-talking, chaotic, 'loose-cannon McGregor' of times past, but the more respectful, Bruce Lee-esque, "Eh, I'll pick myself up and try again, that's what martial arts is all about" Conor McGregor is my new favorite thing there is. Sue me.

For context on the original clip up at the top of this blog: that is Jolie Poirier, Dustin Poirier's wife, who has been through it all with him....

….and honestly, a woman who seems just about as ride-or-die as it gets….

….thanking Conor for his $500,000 donation to The Good Fight Foundation in his locker room right after her husband laid waste to 'The Notorious' at UFC 257.

Obviously, there's a part of me like…


….as my guy is sittin there with his calf being iced because it blew up and died 10 minutes prior, but if ANYONE in the UFC Lightweight Top 15 was gonna beat Conor - I'm truly glad it was Dustin. He seems like a fantastic dude - one I've rooted for a ton in the past - and what he has done with his charity organization is nothing short of incredible. 

I mean, how can anyone hate on a guy who's using the exposure he got from TKOing the sport's biggest star to draw attention to/raise money for his charity where he provides help and support to underprivileged youth?

Not exactly a tough loss for me to swallow, personally, for all of those reasons.

Conor's $500,000 donation will go directly towards building a martial arts gym for underprivileged kids where the tuition will be good grades. This is something super near and dear to Dustin Poirier's heart, being his love of martial arts is what got him off the streets and made him into the man he is today, and that's as admirable a full-circle story gets, in my eyes….

For more on The Good Fight Foundation, click HERE.

P.S. How dafuq do I get my hands on that Poirier Hot Sauce? I wanna try some but it's sold out 24/7.