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Check Out This Deaf Bass Player Doing Incredible Covers On YouTube

First of all, I just want to start this blog off by saying that it's a little creepy how much big tech is paying attention to us at all times.

I watched 'Sound of Metal' (2020) last night - a great movie where Riz Ahmed plays a metal drummer who has to come to grips with the fact that he's losing his hearing, and will eventually become fully deaf - and despite not googling a single thing about the movie before or since, not going on the IMDb page for it at any point, not renting it on my computer, or anything like that - when I woke up today, my YouTube Recommendations were suddenly full of deaf musicians. That's a little creepy! 

(Not the deaf musicians, the "Alexa Is Actually Listening To Us All The Time")

Luckily, though, I've been spied on enough for these recommendations to actually be EXACTLY what I'm looking to watch pretty much all the time, so I'm cool with a lil technical perversion!

I actually clicked on the above video having no idea the musician in it was deaf; it wasn't til I scrolled down to the description and read, "Not true to the original bassline, but had a great time! I'm deaf, and I try my best to play the songs faithfully…!", that I realized this was the case, and trust me, I NEVER would have realized otherwise. 

This mothafucka is about 1000x better than I'll ever be on that four-string axe and he's playing via a cochlear implant that just allows him to hear vibrations! Only has about 20% functionality in his ears at all and he's still slappin it and groovin like you wouldn't believe. Insane!

If that ain't inspiring, if that doesn't tell you that you can get up off your ass and do whatever you want to do in this life, I don't know what is. Simon's only got like 60 subscribers on YouTube right now (make that 61), but I have no doubt that'll drastically change soon. How could it not? This is legendary stuff.

Rock the fuck on Simon.