Fuck The Cardinals

That’s it. That’s the blog. This is me being petty on a Friday night and you’ll just have to deal with it.

I know they just crushed baseball’s offseason with the Arrenado trade. I know they’re slam dunk favorites to win the central and make everyone in Chicago look bad right now. I know I’m going to hate Nolan Arenado’s guts the remainder of his hall of fame career. Whatever. These are all things that I instantly accepted the moment I found out about this trade. My baseball life is in balance. We just found a surprised $7M for Joc Pederson and I have spent the last 12 hours convincing myself the NL central is up for grabs. We can win it now. Jed got in Tom’s ear and he’s making a difference. Maybe a starter will follow? Whatever I was thinking, forget all of that bullshit. I’m a broken man on the heels of this news  

That’s why I’ve never felt more comfortable saying fuck the Saint Louis Cardinals. I mean that sincerely. Fuck those guys. Ruined my weekend before it really got started. Now I have no choice but to continue drinking ice cold delicious beer.

 Budweiser sucks.