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The Barstool Fund - Cozy Noses

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Voted “Best of Long Island” Pet Hotel, Cozy Noses is not just a kennel. They feel that during your pet's stay, your dog or cat becomes their pet. Your dog's comfort, happiness, care and safety are their major concern, and it is shown in the quality of service.



Reader Email

WE are a small family run business on Long Island.  Cosy Noses is a Dog Bed and Breakfast Kennel.  We are still paying employees and taking in very little income.

Barstool…… help we are in a glass case of emotion over here ;) Dogs and cats all over Long Island are no longer hanging out with their buddies at Cozy Noses Bed and Breakfast for Special Pets. Due to COVID, humans are not traveling or dropping off their pups for extended stays or even to be groomed.  The business is suffering and it’s my parent's bread and butter. There is only so long they can hold onto the business that afforded them a decent life and put 4 kids through college.  My parents are coming to the age where they should live out their reaming years watching their grandchildren grow and not worry about there life’s work being dismantled before their eyes.

I know you guys must be reading so much so here is the bulleted list…

  • Dad grew up with very little and was never given any handouts.
  • Worked sunrise to sunset landscaping, salt of the earth
  • Always had many animals in our Islip Terrace Back yard.  Goats, chickens, ponies, dogs, cats, and peacocks.  Yup Peacocks! Try walking a pet peacock to 7/11
  • Dad saves money to buy a dog kennel of his own and becomes a small business owner
  • We have our own family business! (“o.k kids start shoveling dog shit”) 
  • WE LOSE OUR ENTIRE HOUSE DURING SANDY.  They have to start over.

COVID brought us to our knees once again.  This is all mom and dad have.  I am a teacher as well as my brother and sister-in-law.  My sister is a nurse that worked in the COVID trenches last Spring and my brother is a police officer. We have all chosen professions that help others and now the 2 people we love the most, we are unable to help.  My parents are very grateful to see their children are still employed. 

We need to support them and we feel powerless.  It will be awhile before people continue to travel and board their pets. We are not seeing the light the end of the tunnel.  Any plug or publicity could help get people in the door and allow us to keep our heads above water.

We are thankful for such a funny, progressive, and generous company such as yours.  We know you have many entries and will pick the most deserving business. Thank you for what you are doing to help the little man/ woman (AKA the moms and dads/ poppies and grannies).

Cozy Noses Bed and Breakfast for Special Pets

Bohemia, New York. (631) 567-7617

We love you guys.  This was a shot in the dark!  

Keep making us laugh.  Creating humor is genius at work.