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The Barstool Fund - Russian Vodka Room

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As its name implies, Russian Vodka Room serves a wide selection of vodkas and infusions that range from raspberry and cranberry to ginger and garlic pepper and dill vodka. Visitors can also enjoy live piano and jazz concerts.



Reader Email

Hello. You are doing a noble job trying to help bars to survive. And we are trying to stay afloat…

My friend and I opened the Russian Vodka Room in 1997, shortly after immigrating to United States. And for over twenty years we operated as one of the few women-owned bars in NYC. Luckily we’ve been able to keep the place going through good and bad years in a business environment as unforgiving as the NYC  midtown restaurant scene, we have huge selection of different vodkas and unique infusions and unique cocktails.. but with Covid restrictions and the theater shutdowns in place since March, the challenges we face are greater than ever before. On one hand, we’re hopeful for a return to normalcy by some time this summer, but on the other, the business reality is that the tank is running on empty, and any monetary contributions would help us keep the dream alive.

Warm regards.
Roxanne Shub
Russian Vodka Room
265 west 52st NY 10019