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Is This The Coolest Toolbox You've Ever Seen?

My older brother is prepping for a move, and recently dropped a buncha stuff off at our mom's that he won't be needing - rock n' roll books, nerdy shit, wrestling merch; basically EXACTLY what you'd expect my older brother to have - and among the pile left in my room was this hammer. Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, if you wanna get technical with it.

I reached for Mjolnir immediately, OBVIOUSLY (to see if I were worthy, as any geek would), and to my surprise, this thing was top-heavy as a mothafucka! It sounded like there was some shit was rattling around on the inside of the big silver "box" part, too, so I quickly put it down and tried to figure out how to open this thing, having legit no idea what was gonna be inside. 

Honestly, I assumed maybe there'd be a couple more books in there or something, with this just being a carrying case of sorts….

As it turns out, though, this hammer wasn't a 'carrying case' at all - it was a TOOLBOX! That Mjolnir handle? It's the handle of a real-ass hammer! You got your screwdrivers in there, some wrenches, a few different bits, measuring tape - all of the extremely basic shit you'd need moving into a dorm or small apartment. 

Obviously if you're a carpenter, or even Chaps, this probably ain't gonna cut it, but it's very worthy of someone like myself. I'm in heaven. Call me Bob the Builder.

P.S. I'm not posting the link to buy it because #NoFreeAds but it's extremely easy to find on Google.