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Kentucky's Coach Is Trying To Land A 4-Star Offensive Lineman By Sending Him Pictures Of ..... Food He Cooks, Naturally

Always. Be. Recruiting. I love it, this is how you recruit an offensive lineman. You send him all the delicious food you can cook as an O-Line coach and try to land him. Preferably you're making a bunch of pancakes and/or finding out his favorite food and learn how to cook that right away. Kentucky's offensive line has been awesome lately and if this is what it takes to keep that going, I'm all for it. 

Recruiting is fucking weird to begin with. Trying to figure out how to talk to 16-18 year old kids and convince them to come play a sport for you? You have to adapt. You have to do shit like sleepovers, actually scratch that. Sleepovers are weird Harbaugh. You have to do shit like sending pictures of food or saying anything that they like. You gotta be a grown man talking about whatever kids are currently enjoying. 

I need to know what exactly he's cooking here and how often he's sending the pictures. Is it a daily dinner picture like an IG model out to eat? It's all about plating, watch Food Network one time. So he better be putting everything perfectly on there and not just slop it around. This is especially true when the best on campus food is the spicy beef wrap from Ovid's but you can only get it for lunch. 

PS: Still the greatest offensive lineman of all time

PPS: The greatest recruiting video ever