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Remember The Couple Arrested In Myrtle Beach For Having Sex On The SkyWheel? Yep, They Just Got Arrested AGAIN For Having Public Sex In Myrtle Beach

You may have remembered this story from just over a week ago. How could you forget it? A couple just got too horny and filmed themselves having sex in the Myrtle Beach Sky Wheel. Not only did they film it, they uploaded it to a 'popular adult website' and that's how they got busted. Need to hear from the cops how they found that video. I'd love to be the guy working the desk, getting a tip and having to explain why you searched 'sex Myrtle Beach sky wheel' on an adult site. I won't name a site, because I don't want to get it wrong. 

Well fast forward a week and guess what happened: 

[Source] - The couple charged for filming sex acts in multiple jurisdictions were back in jail Tuesday for the charges they face in Surfside Beach, according to jail records.

According to Surfside Beach police reports, the couple performed and recorded sex acts in a Food Lion parking lot, and on a bench near Floral Lake Playground. Reports also stated Lori Harmon is also being investigated by SBPD for two other allegedly filmed instances of indecent exposure where she exposed herself and urinated at a local baseball field, and at Floral Lake Playground.

Christ almighty. How dumb can these people be? Why are you having sex near a playground? Watch Horrible Bosses for me one time: 

And a Food Lion parking lot? Nothing screams romantic sex like the grocery store. I don't know how you get horny at the grocery store, I hate food shopping. That's an in and out experience, no pun intended here. You need to go get the groceries and get out of there as quick as possible. Avoid being stuck behind the person who jams up the aisle and more importantly you have to pick the right cash register to go to. At least have some creativity and do it at a Publix. That makes the joke a bit funnier. 

I've said it before with these people, there are a million hotels in Myrtle Beach. Just have sex there. Hotel sex is top notch. You also don't get arrested for having hotel sex. I don't care what you say, no sex is worth jail. You can't have sex with each other in jail and these people love fucking each other.