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Chris Cuomo Just Bent Robinhood's CEO Over And Gave Him A Verbal Spanking For Stealing From The Normies

This mother fucker has NO answers. NONE. It's easy to see why. There is no answer. There is no logical answer about why they would do this other than to protect their hedge fund folks. It's really that simple. They know that nothing can happen that will be worse than the press in the long run. No fine the SEC or whoever the fuck gives out wont match what they would have lost. What they didnt count on was ole DDTG to be on the case. 

Now this slimy headed fuck is sitting there and getting tossed around the financial ring by the likes of Chris Cuomo. Imagine what someone like Katie Porter will do when they haul his ass in front of Congress. Wanna see someone with their pants down? Tune in when Katie breaks out a chart. 

We need Katie vs Vlad on the floor of Congress or in Rough and Rowdy. I like Katie's chances even more than I like Billy Football's against Jose which you can order now so you dont miss it.