Rate This Pissed Off Girl's Punishment Of Destroying Her Cheating Ex Boyfriend's Apartment


Overall I’m pretty unimpressed with her revenge on this guy. I’d hate losing a couch given how comfortable and perfectly ass grooved mine is and the oil everywhere would be inconvenient for sure, but it could be worse. But then we got to the bleach all over and, while that sucks, it’s a cleaning product and honestly my floors could probably use a bit of that anyway. Then the clothes in the closet being destroyed also sucks but, at the same time, my closet has so much shit in there I never even wear. Being able to start over and focus on only the important things at the expense of losing a few favorites would be worth it, I’d say. If anything she’s only making it easier for him to improve himself for the next chick to thrust into a murderous rage.


And if we’re ranking overall cheating revenges, I’d put “fucking one or several of his friends, possibly at the same time” WAYYY higher on the list than anything she did here. It’s not quite as psycho and murderous as going full “Left Eye on Andre Rison’s house” but the psychological warfare is way more effective if you’ve got some dignity to spare.


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