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The JPP Shirt The People Demanded Has Finally Arrived

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Since Buccaneers GM Jason Licht fleeced the Giants in a trade in March of 2018 and got Jason Pierre-Paul for essentially a 3rd round pick, I've been doing my "JPP" catch phrase around the house and at random throughout my day. Earlier this season, I started taping them every time he would do something good in a game and the internet seemed to like it. Well, in fairness a lot of people hated it, but what they didn't do was stop watching. Cause those were always my best videos. In fact, a verified reporter made an entire compilation of my entire season of the "JPP" saying:

I've gotten DMs and messages for awhile asking for a JPP shirt, but after seeing this video and the response, I feel like I owe it to the people to create one. So behold, the JPP shirt you didn't know existed but now immediately need: