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If You Didn't Think Adam Sandler's Movie Career Was Already Shit (You Did) This Dude's Scathing Review Of "Pixels" Hammers Home The Point




That.  Was.  Awesome.  Yes, I know the video is 10 minutes long and that’s about a trillion times longer than the attention span in 2015 but watch it.  You don’t even really have to watch it.  It’s just a guy talking so you can listen to it like a podcast.  It’s worth it.  I might listen to it on a loop for the rest of the day it was so good.  Everything you’ve ever wanted to say about a recent Adam Sandler movie is in there.  He holds nothing back and rips Sandler a new asshole.  The vehicle of the review is Sandler’s latest movie “Pixels” but the guy uses that as a launching pad to eloquently lay into the guy who used to make moves like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore but started making “gorilla turds” once he got rich.  There’s going scorched Earth and then there’s doing what this guy did to Adam Sandler and his latest movie with that review.  Borderline mean but also extremely accurate.  Maybe, just maybe, Sandler will listen to it and he’ll awake from the blackout he’s been in for the last two decades and start making funny shit again.  There’s no way that’ll happen but a kid who knows every line of Happy Gilmore by heart can dream.


PS- And I know the big thing for people to say is, “Big deal. Sandler lives the best life ever.  He’s super wealthy and all he does he fly around the world, bring his friends with him, hang out and make movies that little kids will probably like and force their parents to take them to.”  But that doesn’t mean we can’t shit on the guy for making AWFUL movies.  Sandler probably doesn’t even read the reviews anymore because it doesn’t matter.  We can still say he sucks for it though.