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"I'm Disrespected, Not Underrated" - Lance Lynn Is Not Here To Fuck Around

Good morning good afternoon and good evening Chicago sports fans. It is a miserable Thursday in a miserable week amongst god forsaken news and the dawning realization that our financial structure is propped up by a handful of diabolical villainous douchebags. And unfortunately you can't barf this red bill back up. Everybody in this world is somebody's bitch and that's not changing any time soon. 

Obviously that sucks but on the bright side there really is no better time to sink your teeth back into America's pastime. All this noise about stocks and options and insider fuck jobs is really just setting me up to mentally check out on life the moment baseball starts up. And to that effect, our interview on Red Line Radio this week with Lance Lynn is exactly what the doctor prescribed. Just a few weeks out from spring training and we get a chance to break bread with one of the sport's best arms. Even as a Cubs fan that spent years getting shut down by Lance Lynn, I have no problem saying that I would considering naming my first born Lance if it meant we could get his attitude in the northside's rotation. All this guy does is eat sleep and breath quality starts. 

Yet despite his success, the world still sleeps hard and fast on Lance Lynn. Entering into his 10th year as the most successful pitcher from his draft class, you'd think there'd be more league wide respect for the big righty. It's actually quite the opposite though. Is he underrated? No. He's disrespected. 

I might have fallen in love with him over that quote. To have enough confidence to take "underrated" as a complete insult is such an alpha move. But then again when you have his body of work without a fraction of the deserved recognition, it's obvious why he takes offense his brand. 

Well here's the good news Lance. Chicago is so utterly desperate for signs of life that you'll get every ounce of credit available in this town. Even if I'm not directly responsible for it, I can guarantee White Sox Dave and his army of minions will bury bodies and take bullets on your behalf. That's how those crazy assholes roll if you get on their good side. And after this week's interview, I'll be stunned if that doesn't happen. 

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